Monday, March 19, 2007

The weekend: shopping and playing

The two great discoveries of the weekend: there exist special drill bits designed for stone, and cats have scleras. The first was a total surprise: I went to a hardware store and saw a set of drill bits that claimed to be designed for stone. I bought them, somewhat sceptically, and they really work! The second I coud have figured out if I thought about it, but since cat's irises are bigger than their eyes, I'd never seen their sclera until one cat rolled his eyes at me yesterday, probably due to my failure to take him in my lap or give him any food.

I also found my long-sought fridge magnets, at Chez Marius, and at 50 cents each.

Had a really nice one-shot game yesterday. (Stalin meets Cthulhu. Or maybe Stalin is Cthulhu. That would explain a lot in Russian history.) Everything went really well (apart from slime and various deformed body parts and characters not trusting each other) until my character shot Sauli's character's head off (sorry, Sauli).

While I was at it one of Janka's and Orava's cats tried to chew my hand off but without much success.

Had two election parties to go to, but did not make it to either of them.

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