Monday, March 12, 2007

The weekend

Was a rather nice weekend, even though I did not get anything useful done.

On Friday Anu and I went to Lasu's place to engage in various perverse activities, such as vacuuming the books, gluing ex librises into them and drinking up Lasu's wine. I think this can be considered a somewhat useful activity.

The discovery of the day: some people actually make makaronilaatikko. I had always thought that it was the kind of thing one only buys in a store.

The second discovery of the day: Lasu is a pervert (no, nothing new here) and puts cheese in it.

The third discovery of the day: it was actually pretty good.

On Saturday I went to a really nice party, saw a lot of friends and some nice acquaintances I only see once a year, and spilled a lot of wine on my jeans (not sure why, wasn't too drunk).

A conversation from there, from the "good advice from friends"-series:

Kaveri 1: Iik, miehelläni on lyhyempi tukka kuin mulla!
Minä: Tämä on aina huolestuttavaa. Mistäköhän mä löyttäisin miehen jolla olisi pitempi kuin mulla?
Kaveri 2: Hevareita?
Minä: Onhan niitä, mutta niiden huono puoli on se että ne kuuntelee hevimmusiikkia.
Kaveri 2: Koeta löyttää tosisnobihevari: sellainen jonka mielestä mikään musiikki ei ole riittävän hyvä.

On Sunday Anu came over and we had some drinks. Drank, among other things, to lintukoto.

Today went to see the election event in Sanomatalo. It was more fun than expected. It's somehow reassuring when the first thing you see at an election event is mjr's beard. I saw a few friends, said hi in person to one guy I'd only known on the net so far, and ran into a very nice woman I know but don't see very often. Did not bother to watch any actual debates on the screen though.

I have a very weird "haven't gotten anything done at work today, but who cares" feeling, which is strange because I have in fact gotten done everything I planned to do today, and probably would have cared if I didn't.

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