Monday, October 16, 2006

Something is wrong in Sweden too...

I think at some point in the future the newspapers will switch to the headlines like "today no Swedish politicians got caught doing anything illegal". I am sure this headline will appear about the same time as "today no Muslims anywhere were outraged by anything", "freedom of speech has finally been achieved in Russia" and "George W. Bush has been admitted to Mensa".

Anyway, today a Swedish minister resigned, yesterday a Swedish minister resigned, and if they keep at it they will be all out of ministers in early November.

Not being a minister does not stop one from breaking the law, of course - Social Democrat Anna Sjödin has been recently convicted for assaulting a bouncer.

Finnish journalists (or rather STT) started asking Finnish ministers about what they have and have not done. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen told the ministers that they should not have to answer these questions. I agree with that - I would not answer if I were them - but still find it funny that he felt the need to tell them so.

He thinks that people (even ministers) should be assumed to be law-abiding, which is what I am gonna answer the next time some official asks me about my tv tax.

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