Friday, October 20, 2006

Mad Jad forgot his medication again

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened Israel again, and all the countries that support it as well. Considering that this includes all of Europe his standards for what constitutes the support of Israel must be fairly lax.

I am sure that soon we are going to hear that this is just a fine example of typical Middle Eastern political discourse, that he cannot really mean it, that ayatollahs won't let him do it, that this is just a justifiable reaction to Olmert saying a couple of days ago that Iran will have a price to pay if it does not back down from its nuclear ambitions, and that it was a total mistake to form a new nation-state there as late as in the 1948 among all those ancient nation-states that date from 1920s.

So far Iran has been working on its nuclear program in spite of all the finger-waving from the UN, and repeatedly threatening Israel. UN dignitaries can of course afford to wait and see whether he really means it, because their headquarters are located in New York out of range of Iran's missiles. Israel's government obviously cannot, because you do not normally want to conduct experiments whose possible result is a nuke in one of your cities.

The question is: can Europe? How far do the newest Shahabs fly?

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