Monday, October 02, 2006

I am back, and have seen all kinds on natural wonders

Gonna write about the vacation later, right now I just don't have enough brainpower to work and write and the same time (jet lag and hunger are a bad combination).

KLM has competelely run out of edible food, and Northwest is only marginally better, but the in-flight entertainment was amazing yesterday. Aurora borealis all over the sky all the way from Greenland to Iceland, and for a while after that. Green with little bits of red. Wow. I've seen it before but never that much of it. From now on I am always gonna try to get a window seat on the left side on all US-Europe flights. Maybe they'll show aurora borealis again.

Also saw a big thunderstorm from above. Looked sort of fake, like a special effect.

The third wonder of nature was a huge rain just as I got back to Finland. Anu came to the airport and we had to wade in almost ankle-deep water just to get to my place.

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