Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Helsinki-NYC, 16.09

KLM food is evil. All airline food is evil, but KLM's has become especially vile in the last few years. Don't know why, they used to be better than average. Why did they have to get so much worse after 9/11? I mean, security surely does not require awful food, does it? Or are they trying to scare the terrorists away with it?

Schiphol, on the other hand, is the most tolerable airport in Europe, foodwise and in every other way.

The security line for the NYC flight is unbelievable. An hour.

Flying is boring. KLM food is still evil. Somewhere below us the dear old country is crawling into the night Maine-first. The Eastern seabord looks like one big city from the plane, although it really isn't.

Finally the airport (JFK has much improved in the 18 years since my last visit), parents, hotel and food. And wine and tea.

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