Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Göteborg riots in the news, and sarcasm

Heh. Just got censored on the Helsinki Sanomat web forum for the first time ever.

There was a smallish riot in Göteborg on Sunday night. There was a power outage and some "youths", as the media put it, have started rioting, breaking windows and throwing stones.

I rarely write anything there, but sometimes (maybe once in 1 or 2 months) it's hard to resist. When a couple of people in Hesari's web forum expressed surprise at what's wrong with the Swedish young people - our young people don't behave like that - I just had to suggest that it must be hunger, what with the Ramadan. Since I usually try to be polite in the public forums that do not happen to be my own blog, I did not even mention the obvious reason why such things occur less often in Finland than in Sweden. I also said that I am probably a bad person for making such guesses in the absence of hard evidence, but I am also probably right. (Hard evidence is still missing, but the location of the riots and comments of people who claim to be Göteborgians on various forums suggest that I probably am in fact right.)

Anyway, that got censored. This is quite fine with me - Hesari does not owe me a forum for my rude if probably correct guesses - but strange, because I have seen similar opinions expressed there before, and made me wonder whether different threads are moderated by diffrent individuals with vastly different standards. Apparently my message was not the only one censored out, because the whole thread deteriorated into an unbelievable sarcasmfest. (No, I don't really recommend following the link. Any five-seven messages from there are fun to read, but any more and you get a feeling like you are eating a bowlful of whole lemons.)

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