Friday, October 27, 2006

Headline news

"Matti Vanhanen: North Korea has its own special kind of freedom."

"George Bush: We are not at war with Iraq. We are just teaching it to be more democratic."

"Vladimir Putin: We've been teaching our journalists our own special kind of freedom of speech, too!"

"A professor of Islamic studies: All Muslims have misunderstood Islam."

"Kim Jong-Il: Our great nation have made a great leap forward! We have succesfully tested a nuclear weapon inside a mountain. Next leap forward: luring the enemy into the damn mountain."

"New Jersey Supreme Court: The new chapter in American history: separate but equal."

"Fox News: Foley was a closet Democrat"

"The German Army: Alas poor Yorick..."

(For the humor-impaired: I made these up. If any of these people actually said any of these things, I do not accept any responsibility.)

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