Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Australian circus continues

The Mufti & Co are still claiming that he was taken out of context. Here is the full text of the sermon as provided by The Australian.

He has lovely things to say about the disbelievers as well: "Those who disbelieve amongst the people of the Book and the polytheists, where will they go? Surfers Paradise? Gold Coast? Where? To the fire of hell. And not part-time, they'll be in it for eternity. What are these people? The most evil of God's creation on the face of earth. The issue is clear."

Australian politicians (being, as al-Hilali says, some of the most evil of God's creation on the face of earth) have already started asking the most ancient question in the world: "whose fault was that?".

Currently it appears that Paul Keating and Leo McLeay of the Labor party have lobbied to give al-Hilali a residence permit. Here are the details.

The whole thing is made even more embarassing by the fact that in 1984 the intelligence reports warning that al-Hilali had been linked to extremist groups in Egypt and could pose a threat to Australia were sent to the federal government and promptly ignored

While al-Hilali and some Muslim groups in Australia are busy explaining that the mufti has been taken out of context, totally misunderstood, did not mean it anyway, and was just using colorful oriental language beyond the understanding of the Western unbelievers, Abduljalil Sajid, one of the senior figures in the Muslim Council of Britain, said that he was absolutely right. But quoted out of context anyway.

All those respected religious scholars that keep getting quoted out of context all the time give me all kinds of mean thoughts, such as "they should be put back into context" and "their proper context is somewhere outside the civilized world".

NSW opposition leaders call for withdrawing government funds from the Lakemba mosque, but NSW Premier Morris Iemma has refused to do so, saying that a move like that would penalize the whole community for for the words of the leader.

Guess what, Mr. Iemma: this would be the whole fucking point. The community is in fact guilty and should be penalized for the actions of the leader. Note that we are not talking about the whole Muslim community of Australia or NSW here: we are talking about the actual parishioners of this particular mosque, people who go there and listen to his sermons. What exactly is the point of funding this activity with taxpayer money? What kind of people are those? Would you attend a church or a synagogue whose priest or rabbi were saying things like that? What would you think about the kind of people who would?

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