Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ill-wishing assholes

There was a huge earthquake in the Indian Ocean two days ago, followed by a tsunami. The death toll is 33000, and still rising.

I understand that the death of 33000 total strangers halfway around the world arouses sympathy in some people and doesn't in others. What I don't understand is the creatures that crawl out of the woodwork after every major catastrophe to explain to others how it was a good thing.

I've seen quite a few of them now. Their reasoning for why it was a good thing, in the order of frequency:

1. It's good that there will be fewer people on earth, since the planet is overpopulated.
2. Tourists are bad people (don't ask me why, but I suppose that this is because tourists can afford to be somewhere warm right now and the speaker either doesn't have the time or the money. Or else the speaker is in fact a tourist and does not like to see other tourists around.).
3. It's good that Indians are dead, since they are taking Our Jobs.

I notice people like this after every disaster, and I can never stop wondering why the people who believe that overpopulation should be solved by killing people off never start out by killing themselves and giving the rest of us a good example. Maybe, or course, I never see them kill themselves because they have in fact already done it and are therefore dead, but seriously - has anyone ever heard of anyone killing him/herself in order to relieve the overpopulation?

My advice to almost everyone who is gloating over this tragedy (people who have lost personal enemies are excused as surely cannot avoid just a little bit of gloating): please consume excrement and expire. Now!

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