Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fine as long as you are upset about it

I notice that in conversations about the morality and/or legality of abortion people who think that abortion is a decision best left to the woman herself often like to state that abortion is a hard decision for a woman, and somehow end up sounding like this is an argument in favor of their position.

WTF is that about? One can be for abortion, or against it, or find it immoral but believe it should be legal, or find it moral for people who do it, but not for oneself, or whatever. In any case, how does the fact of women agonizing over an abortion decision make it better? If a fetus is just a clump of cells to you, why would you want anyone to agonize over it? And if you think it is a murder that should still be legal, does the suffering of the murderer somehow make it better?

In any case it's not true in all cases, or not necessarily even most. There are women who find the decision difficult and cry over it, and there are women who call to make an abortion appointment as soon as they find out about being pregnant, and celebrate the abortion immediately afterwards. From my part I can promise my readers not to agonize over an abortion if I ever should happen to have one.

I have talked about it with Seanna and she pointed out one more thing: murderers are considered, both by law and our society's morals, to be more immoral if they have thought the murder over than if they have committed it on impulse; pregnant women, on the other hand, are considered less immoral if they gave a lot of thought to abortion before coming to a decision than if they dial the doctor's number as soon as they find out they are pregnant.

I've always found the premeditated vs. impulsive murder thing weird anyway. To me it's just discrimination against people who generally think about everything they do. Especially since IMO people whose impulse control is so poor that they murder others on impulse are more dangerous to others than the ones who first think it over.

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