Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Aina jonkun tytär (spoilers) and ADSL

Went to see Aina jonkun tytär (Always somebody's daughter) yesterday. It was a lot of fun, and to my rather pleasant surprise there was a lot of Somalis in the audience too (the play is about a Somali girl who gets pregnant with the help of a Finnish boy). The actors spoke mostly Finnish, and some English, French and Somalian, with no translation. Too bad - I would have liked to understand the Somalian part too.

It has a happy end, of course, where the guy gets to convert to Islam and marry the girl. Somehow they left out the bit where they explain to him that membership in Islam is forever and apostasy is punished by death. Or maybe I am just being a mean bitch.

Finally got to sleep normally without a headache.

This morning I got up all fucked in the head and decided to switch to Saunalahti ADSL. I think the last bit was that Welho again sent me an ad "Switch from Welho Pro to Welho 3M! Get less bandwidth for more money!"

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