Thursday, December 02, 2004

Exceptionally good lovers

In my writing I came to a point when one of the characters is wondering whether there are men who are exceptionally good in bed, and now I am starting to wonder about it myself.

I am talking about the technique, of course. It is self-evident to me that there are men who are exceptionally well-loved by a particular woman, exceptionally beautiful or in some other way exceptionally desirable, but are there any who are exceptionally skillful?

In the literature you often read about men who are unusually good in bed. In real life I can maybe point out (not publicly, perverts!) the best 25% of my sex partners, but the difference in technical skills among them is negligible. What makes them better than others from my point of view is good compatibility with me in such matters as rhythm and duration of the intercourse, ability to listen to and follow instructions, and a little bit of skill that can be easily taught.

This leaves me wondering whether unusually skillful men are an urban legend invented by writers, or do they really exist?

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