Sunday, July 01, 2007

The peaceful respectability is on the move again

A couple of weeks ago Britain has knighted Salman Rushdie, and all the hell broke loose again, with various Muslim leaders - from the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain to the Minister for Religious Affairs of Pakistan - complaining that the West in general and UK in particular does not respect the Muslim world. The latter, in the spirit of high respectability, has also said that this would justify suicide bombings, although later he corrected himself and said that it would not justify suicide bombings in his own opinion, but only in the opinion of the misunderstanders of Islam.

I have written about respect last year, and it looks like nothing has changed.

Anyway - two car bombs have been found in London the other day, and yesterday some morons tried to drive a burning car into a Glasgow airport terminal building. The deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain is asking not to jump to the conclusions. Could be anyone...

Sure thing. Was probably militant Methodists or aggressive Amish. Violent Anabaptists have been a real trouble lately, and fundamentalist Lestadians have been blowing things up all over the place. And I am not even talking about the Hassidic Kosher Al-Gefilte-Fish Martyr Brigades...

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