Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life: new ISP, new blog from a good old blogger, and messy apartment

Switched from Maxinetti to Nebula last Friday, and configured a router for the first time ever in my life. Before that, I just stuck a phone cable in one end of an ADSL modem/router, ethernet cable into the other, and the thing worked.

It was not that bad, and after a little bit of screaming "shit! eek! argh!" the thing got configured. Except for WLAN, which I turned off and decided not to configure until there is some WLAN device to test it with.

Been struggling with the basic human needs and drives: food, red wine, sleep, socializing, sex, upgrading the computer. Right now sleep and socializing+wine have been in conflict with each other, and if I give in to the need for computer upgrade I might not have the money for food and wine anymore. Although it would probably be a worthy cause anyway.

Good things of this week:
- been to a good party - thanks Rita!
- the net works, and now I have a lot of bandwidth,
- been grilling in a park for the first time this summer,
- one of my favorite bloggers, who I thought had stopped blogging forever, turned out to have a new blog after all, for a few months now, and it is every bit as good as the old one.

Not-so-good things of the week:
- banana beer: moderately evil, even though I usually like sweet beer.
- my place is a mess. Of course it always looks like a mess, but when I say it is a mess this means I am having trouble locating various objects.

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