Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Yeah, and they probably linked Bush to that war in Iraq, too"

Helsingin Sanomat says that according to the researchers of the Univeristy of Tampere department of Mass Comminucations and University of Helsinki Ethnic Relations and Nationalism research center, Finnish media often links Islam to political violence.

No shit, Sherlocks. Hey, somebody give me some research money, I will prove that the media links George W. Bush (as opposed to, say, Tarja Halonen) to the war in Iraq.

"Tutkijat arvioivat, että islamin jatkuva esittäminen konfliktien yhteydessä pitää yllä kuvaa sen väkivaltaisuudesta."

I think they have misspelled "esiintyminen", but that's just me.

On the same page of today's news: the Taliban have attacked in Pakistan again, 17 soldiers and 12 Taliban dead. In another attack in the same area, 5 "fighters" are dead. In the same area yesterday, a suicide attack, 3 soldiers and 1 civilian dead. In other news, a bomb killed 4 policement in Dagestan.

Isn't it one of the media's jobs to link together the phenomena that tend to systematically occur together?

Seriously, though: WTF do they think media links other religions to? Media reports on things that are newsworthy. Most religions tend to be old enough not to be particularly newsworthy in and of themselves. The only times when news media reports on any religion is when there are some news: Catholics got a new Pope, a lot of Catholic priests were caught abusing children sexually, some denomination allowed women to be priests, some religious fanatic shot an abortion clinic, etc. Explosions, plane hijackings, other terrorist attacks and beheadings tend to be newsworthy. When they are linked to religion at all, they tend to be linked to one particular religion much more often than to others. This, however, is hardly the media's fault.

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