Saturday, July 07, 2007

Citizens for free water

When I order food in a restaurant, or a drink, or anything that I pay for, I feel entitled to get free water with it if I ask for it.

This is definitely a cultural thing, due to the fact that both in Finland and in the US you almost always do get the water that you ask for, and so is the case in most of the western world.

I can accept the lack of free water in the countries where the water is never free. I know of only one such country in Europe: Belgium. They just don't ever bring you tap water. This pisses me off, but this is a price that I gladly pay for the privilege of visiting Belgium. There is also of course Spain, where you normally get the water if you ask for it, but - depending on the place - you might not want to drink it, because it's likely to taste like, uhm, Barcelona tap water. This is OK, or at least you can't fight it.

What you can fight, though, is the occasional restaurants in other countries that do the same thing. This kind of thing should not be allowed to spread beyond its current area, and should be purified from among us by fire and brimstone (in the form of boycotts).

I can't be the only person whom this kind of thing pisses off, can I? There must be a black list of the no-water restaurants out there. Or else I should start one.

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