Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do men need to ask permission before having sex with women?

Most of you have answered "yes" to this, or at least I sincerely hope so. I am pretty sure most of the Finnish population would answer "yes", so we have a consensus. Hey, men: the majority has spoken and now you have to ask my permission every time you are planning on having sex with a woman.

Yes, yes, of course I meant my permission, not the permission of the woman in question (although of course you can and probably should ask her as well as long as you have received my permission too). What? I did not mention that in the question and you assumed I mean her permission? Oh dear... Silly you, should've asked.

If I polled people like that in my blog, at least some of my readers would point out that I must be either out of my mind, or advancing some kind of an agenda by truly pathetic means.

Helsingin Sanomat, on the other hand, got Suomen Gallup to poll people in the Helsinki metropolitan area on whether or not children under 15 should be told to come home by some particular time. 56% said yes. The question did not mention who should define this curfew, but if the people happened to ask, they were told that the pollsters mean the officials, not the parents.

So, why didn't they say so? Especially considering that offical curfews are not usually a part of the Finnish culture, and that the majority of population is highly likely to assume that the pollsters mean the curfews set by the parents and not by the officials. Is there any reason to withhold that information in the question, except if your goal is to mislead the people who answer it?

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