Thursday, April 21, 2005

Civilization is spreading slowly but surely

Connecticut has just legalized civil unions. It has become the third state in the US to give a legal status to homosexual relationships and the second state to legalize civil unions (Vermont has civil unions and Massachusetts has legalized marriage for same-sex couple). Connecticut has also become the first state to legalize the civil unions voluntarily, without a court order. The pro-marriage-for-heterosexuals only activists are all upset because they don't even get to complain about the judicial tyranny this time around.

"I have said all along that I believe in no discrimination of any kind, and I think that this bill accomplishes that, while at the same time preserving the traditional language that a marriage is between a man and a woman," said the governor of Connecticut after signing the law. What she forgot to say is that, unlike marriage, a civil union has no validity outside of Connecticut. Not even in Vermont, the other state that has civil unions. I am sure that a lot of states would at least try not to recognize the Massachusetts gay marriages either, but married gays are in a much better position to argue, what with that old little documant called the Constitution.

Connecticut senate has voted for the civil unions 26-8.

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