Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Stockholm photos are here. Israel photos are here (they've been there for a while and I've linked to some of them but now all of them are there).

To people who complain about others putting up too many pictures instead of selecting the absolute best (I am not thinking of anyone specific, but such complaints are common): sorry. Some people, myself included, like to see all the pictures, or at least all the ones that are not totally fucked up. Besides, often I am too lazy to think which ones of the sets of pictures of the same thing are better. Sorry for the aggravation. But that's why I make galleries with thumbnails: so that I can take 10 pictures of, say, Gamla Stan from the west and put them up, and you can click on one of them if you want to see only one.

While we are on the photo gallery peeves: files without thumbnails or descriptive names are annoying, especially if they are big. Yeah, I know, I sometimes do that myself. Does not make it any better, though.

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