Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Move to hell, you'll like it there"

This Anu's entry made me wonder for the nth time: what is it with the people who think that others would be happier if they moved to the countryside, even if they don't know it yet? And why have I never encountered the same phenomenon with people advising averybody right and left to move to the cities?

I don't mean the stereotypes that city people and country people have of each other and city/country living, the strong dislike of city or country living that some people have, etc., but a certain proselytizing tendency among some people to tell random city people to move to the country where they will see the light (metaphorically, not physically) and become happy, etc.

What I am wondering about is why I have never seen a person telling random country people to move to the city where they will see the light (also metaphorically) and become happy.

The working hypotheses:

1. Being a random city person, as opposed to a random country person, I am really not in a position to say what kind of things people try to proselytize to the random country people. In fact since I tend to meet the proselytizers in the cities I wonder what are they doing here, if it's so nice in the countryside. For all I know the countryside might be totally full of country people telling other country people to move to the cities.

OTOH if that were the case I think they would show up on the internet occasionally, but I've never seen them there, either.

2. The fact that some people need to advertise the country so strongly has something to do with the fact that in reality people tend to move from the country to the city, and not the other way around.

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