Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our aim is unity government! Fire!

Hamas is currently attacking Fatah headquarters. Today both Ismail Haniya's and Mahmoud Abbas's apartments were shot with rocket-propelled grenades. Unfortulately neither one of the great leaders happened to be home.

Helsingin Sanomat reports that all this violence is endangering the work of the unity government. Somebody out there has a gift for understatement.

Although, judging from the track record, I'd say that all this violence is the work of the unity government.

I think there should be a unity government drinking game:

One sip:

- every time a truce starts,
- a truce ends,
- Hamas/Fatah fighters kill each other,
- Hamas/Fatah fighters kill an innocent bystander,
- Hamas/Fatah shoots rockets into Israel,
- Israel shoots back.

Two sips:

- shooting during a truce,
- shooting in a school/hospital/mosque,
- truce lasted less than half an hour,
- Hamas/Fatah shoot their own people by mistake,
- they shoot a person that media describes as a "leader",
- unsuccessful attack on Fatah's/Hamas's supreme leader.

Three sips:

- successful attack on Fatah's/Hamas's supreme leader,
- truce lased less than five minutes,
- some first-world country donates taxpayer money to one or both of the parties.

Whole bottle:

- two or more successful assasinations of Fatah's/Hamas's supreme leaders on the same day (whether the two leaders belong to opposite sides or the same).

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