Monday, June 04, 2007

Life: Stockholm and flu

Had a great if somewhat tiring week: saw the new pirates movie, watched The Deadliest Catch with friends, had several game sessions and, last but certainly not least, went to Stockholm with Heli and spent all Saturday there hanging out with Tanya.

Gotta lure Tanya to Helsinki sometime this summer, or at least to Tallinn. Damn, I already miss her.

Feeling sick now. Figured that if a good night of sleep, a bucket of tea and a fistful of antihistamine does not cure it, I should call in sick. It didn't, and I did. Now my throat feels like somebody has used sandpaper in it, and I wanna stay in bed and drink tea all day, but instead gotta go outside and buy some food and lots of antihistamine. Blaah.

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