Monday, June 18, 2007

"Hey, we got the Nobel Peace Prize! Now you see how peaceful we are?"

The Hamas terrorists looted the home of the late Fatah terrorist Yassir Arafat and stole, among other things, Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize medal.

God knows how he got the damn thing in the first place. He was too unsavory a case even by the low standards of their reformed-terrorist category, partly due to not having been reformed, but I guess Osama and Carlos the Jackal were unavalable that year.

Anyway, now the new brave participants of the Middle East Peace Process have the medal. It might yet show up on somebody's neck during a beheading video, which would be embarassing but symbolic in a way.

The Hamas thugs stole pretty much everything else from Arafat's house, too, including furniture, water pipes and his widow's clothes. They also looted the homes of the living Fatah leaders.

Now I have to spend the rest of the day haunted by the mental image of Ismail Haniya and Hamas terrorist boy choir dressed in Arafat's widow's evening dresses and dancing, for some reason, to a version of Juice Leskinen's Valssaaja konepajalla: "innostuin, innostuin, innostuin, terroristipojan kanssa valssipyörteisiin mä uin, ja me tanssimme naurussa suin kun mä pommiohjeita luin..."

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