Friday, June 01, 2007

No smoking, finally

Hurrah! Finally smoking has been banned in the restaurants in Finland.

(For those who would like to appeal to my sense of justice and my belief in freedom of choice: behold my profound lack of caring. When one's own high-priority interests are at stake, people - myself, in any case - tend to shove the ideals where the sun don't shine.)

Some of the restaurants that have made the repairs required by the previous smoking law will be allowed to keep their smoking sections for two years.

I have asked Ympäristökeskus to publish the list of the restaurants that will be allowed to keep the smoking section. Hopefully they will. If they won't - does anyone else keep/compile such a list, and if not, is anybody interested in compiling such a list? If I don't find an existing list I will start compiling one myself, and contributions are very welcome.

According to Helsingin Sanomat at least Grand Casino, Suomalainen Klubi, Sir Eino, Michelle and König have received the permission to keep their smoking sections.

For me this would obviously be a boycott list, but I am sure smokers would have another use for it. In either case this is pretty useful information.

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