Monday, June 25, 2007

Life: flu, insomnia, parties and music

Had flu for the last three weeks, or rather flu for the first week and a half anf some obnoxious post-flu phenomenon for the rest of the time. Feeling a lot better now, but three weeks of being unable to sleep properly are still making me feel like a vegetable. I know that a tendency to throw up while coughing is not unusual, but if any of you know how to get rid of it, do tell.

My friends have clearly conspired to arrange a lot of social events during that time, and I managed to attend at least half of them, so during the last three weeks I've been to Kärkölä, Tallinn, a friend's dissertation party, a sitsit (a sort of formal dinner party with a lot of singing), juhannus parties of two sets of friends, and a lot of less intensive social events.

Now I decided not to do anything useful except actual work until I feel rested or bored. Have only two moderately social events planned for this week, too. I also decided to give up at least eating, drinking alcohol and listening to music for a while. Don't laugh, this really will make me feel better, even though I am only likely to do it for a few days and even then not completely.

Seriously, though: I should eat and drink less, but at least food and alcohol are occasionally good for me, in the sense of making me beel better. Music most definitely is not. I often enjoy it - otherwise I would not listen to it - but it's bad for my ears, bad for my productivity in anything I do, and, unlike most of the other pleasures I indulge in, it never really makes me feel better. I wish I could always have my music-playing devices at hand but only use them quite rarely.

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