Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is a good day for complaints:

1. It's fucking cold.

2. It's fucking slippery.

3. Fell and scratched my knees (see #2).

4. Saw a nightmare.

5. Sleeeeeepy!

6. Don't understand all intricacies of xdoclet. OK, let's face it, don't understand any intricacies of xdoclet, only the basic use.

7. The Nigerian Pentecostals downstairs are driving me fucking crazy. (Nothing against Nigerians or Pentecostals as such, but if one wants to speak in tongues in an apartment building one shouldn't accompany it with music at the volume of a rock concert).

8. The asshole company (aka Mizzbrazil, or Qbrasil LTD), is trying to wind up the operations without paying its creditors any money or even informing said creditors.

9. New graffiti appeared at the subway station.

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