Sunday, February 18, 2007

Life: anxiety and physical things

Life is actually going well. Somehow managed to go to Krav Maga regularly so far; starting to play in a new Exalted campaign and am very excited about it; been to a really nice party last weekend.

Not feeling well, though. Feeling the kind of anxiety that makes me want to go to work on weekends. And it's not work stress as such: there is, as always, a lot of stuff to do and some things I wish were already done, but I am not under a particularly severe deadline pressure right now. The problem kind of comes from inside: the feeling of anxiety and the impression that doing work in my free time will make me feel better. I usually resist the impulse: working in such moments does not really make me feel better in the end, and is not very good for the code, either. Oh well. Thank god it's Monday tomorrow and I actually have to go to work, so this won't be an issue for a while. When I left after a character-making session on Friday midnight and realized that I really feel like going back to work, I got concerned about my mental health.

About anxiety: did it make any/most of you (my readers) scared when you were kids every time your body did something new and unusual? In a "eek, what the hell is that, am I gonna die now?" way? It's a little scary as an adult, too, but as an adult you have an experience of your body having done hundreds of new and weird things, and you not having died of any of them (unless of course you have in fact died, in which case you are not here to worry about it).

This thought came to me during a conversation about menstruation and how parents talk to daughters about it in advance. I kind of wish they have talked about a lot of other things in advance. I still remember how scared I got the first time I got a blister from my shoe and did not know what it was. People should warn little people about blisters, and about the ringing in the ears that most people get some time during their lifetime, and they should especially warn everybody that after you eat asparagus your piss will smell like something that should not be coming out of a person's body. In fact, they should warn about it right on the asparagus: "will cause your piss to smell like a weird chemical".

Yesterday Anu came over, and we drank and talked and then I realized that now that I own my refrigerator I can actually write and draw things right on it and nobody is gonna get pissed off. I also tried a temporary tattoo - a dragon, and it was so good that I have no idea why anyone would get the real thing. Today, however, the dragon did not survive the shower. But not to worry, they sell 6 tattoos for 1.5 euros.

Talking about the physical things, my nose really does not like the cold weather, but this is old news.

Been to the Chinese New Year thing yesterday. They did not sell anything interesting in the sales booths, but I really liked the performance, and dragons were very cute. Was cold though, and too many people in too small a space. Hope they will have the celebration every year now, and somewhere bigger than the space behind Lasipalatsi.

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