Friday, February 02, 2007

Maxinetti, part 3

Viestintävirasto, as everyone who has tried to communicate with them by email probably knows, is the last refuge of the dyslexic. Their answers tend to be somewhat irrelevant and not answer the question asked. They often simultaneously resemble some Usenet thread where the participants don't read what other participants write, and some of the most obscure fatwas of Ayatollah Sistani.

Having despaired about ever receiving a sensible answer by email, I actually called them. On the real phone. Wow. Turned out to be a rather positive experience, where a very nice lady told me "hold on, I'll find the paper with Maxinetti instructions", found it, and read it to me. The paper said, quite unambiguously, that Maxinetti broadband users do not have to pay the TV tax if they do not subscribe to the PCTV service. I thanked the nice lady, all the time wondering why can't they just publish the damn paper on the webside and save her time for something either more useful of more pleasant than reading it over the phone to the customers.

So Maxinetti wasn't lying after all. Neverthless now I feel like changing the provider, if for no other reason than that Maxinetti hasn't announced anything on the TV tax issue to its customers and hasn't responded to my email to the customer service for 3 days so far.

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