Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Eek, we are running out of terrorists! Let's let some more out of prison!"

Germans are letting Brigitte Mohnhaupt out of prison after 24 years, on account of her "no longer posing a threat".

Inquiring minds want to know: how do they know? I don't doubt that prison officials know more about her than I do, but I am just curious as to what exactly do they know? Did her hands become so arthritic at 57 that she cannot hold a pistol anymore, or did she become a nicer person in the meanwhile? At least according to the papers she has never expressed any remorse for what she's done.

Generally speaking I don't think that all murderers should always spend the rest of their lives in prison. Sometimes a pardon after sufficiently many years is a perfectly good idea. But hey, this woman is serving five life sentences for several murders - how merciful can you get?

The woman has already been released by authorities twice in her life, and all she has ever done was terrorism and murder.

I do understand that some people deserve a second chance, but can anyone explain to me why a person should be given a fourth chance after she has used her second and third chance to murder several people?

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