Sunday, February 04, 2007

Abu Laban R.I.H.

Abu Laban, the Danish imam of the pig face fame, has kicked the bucket last week. One really shouldn't write bad things about dead people, but sometimes it's hard to resist.

For those who do not remember: Abu Laban was the leader of the Islamic Society in Denmark. He was admitted to Denmark in 1984 on account of being persecuted for Islamic extremism in Egypt and UAE. He was known, not surprisingly, for antisemitism, terrorist connections, calling people to jihad and demanding introduction of various medieval practices in Denmark, but most of all he was known for taking the 12 terrible cartoons of blasphemy, adding 3 of his own, and touring the Middle East with the 15 cartoons and imam Ahmad Akkari to raise outrage.

Anyway, he is dead now. And Ahmad Akkari got into a car accident as he was driving home from the funeral. Maybe Allah really doesn't like forgerers much, or my song is a reasonably successful curse on the imams featured in it.

On a more serious note: who let the fucker into Denmark in the first place? Why would any civilized country admit a guy who is already known to be an Islamic extremist?

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