Friday, July 22, 2005

No rest for the wicked

This was a stressful few days, and I am still needing proper sleep and seeing nighmares almost every night. Nothing much happened, but there was too much of it.

Went to Ikea on Tuesday, which was stressful all by itself, and bought a desk and some other stuff. Killeri gave me a ride home, at which point we realized that we can't drive into the yard since some fucker has put a lock on the gate. Had to drag all the stuff through the construction area that is the passage to our front door.

Put the desk together, which was surprisingly stressless. Booted the computer. It did not want to boot. Said "shit". Could not find my glasses. Went to work. The work computer all fell apart due to an unfinished update to another Debian distro (from sarge to sid).

Came back home. Managed to boot the computer by taking the video card out and stuffing it back in. It became blue (computer screen, not the video card). Not as in "blue screen of death" but as in losing the red component to all the colors.

Went to the bar where Jari and Riitta were telling about their Africa trip. Was really in no condition to be sociable, but hadn't seen them for a long time and wanted to see the pictures and the people. Did not last there long but it was great to see everybody. Asked around to borrow a video card. Edu told me that the problem could be in the cable, and later turned out that it was, I fixed it with manicure scissors and now everything works.I found my glasses, too.

On Thursday dragged my ass to the aliens' police in the morning. The service was pretty good again, I am starting to suspect it's always good at 8am. But 8am is not a time for humans.

Took me most of the day to fix the work computer, but now it more or less works.

Went shopping to cheer myself up. Bought a digital camera (Pentax Optio WP, so far so good), cherries, bratwurst, a pair of shoes and a frying pan.

Went for a beer with Seanna and Mari, which was probably not a good idea considering the lack of sleep, but which was fun anyway. We had some good beers and captured Juha who was just innocently walking home and passing by, and I took some pictures with the new camera.

I had some problems mounting it on Linux and was already considering bying a card reader, but finally managed to mount the thing anyway.

I need a vacation.

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