Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is clearly not my day


- woke up to the alarm clock
- still sleepy
- forgot my cell phone at home
- it's really slippery outside
- found a nasty stupid bug
- which was made by myself some months earlier
- the computer was severely constipated, each deployment took 20 minutes or so
- after the update xchat mysteriously kills all my music players
- no edible food in the cafeteria


- the bug is fixed now
- the sysadmin stuck 1G more memory into the computer, after which it became way less constipated
- Niyazov died

All in all, not my day. Might be a great day for the people of Turkmenistan though, although you never know who'll be next.

Hope the evening will be better. Evenings usually are.

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