Thursday, December 07, 2006

Litvinenko, again

Litvinenko's father said that his son converted to Islam on his deathbed and wanted a Muslim burial.

Whatever. Does not surprise me. Would not surprise me if he suddenly grew horns on his head, and Putin too. Wouldn't even surprise me if it turned out that every single politician or former or current FSB agent turned out to drink blood and be able to live without oxygen. Or to have made The One Ring.

Talked to my father a couple of days ago, and he suggested an answer to why Litvinenko was killed in such a way instead of a traditional hit-and-run. Litvinenko was closely watched by British security services and had to be killed in a manner that was not immediately obvious - anyone who'd make an obvious kill, such as hit-and-run, would have been caught. And while getting away with murder that everyone is sure you've committed but nobody can prove is kind of cool, getting caught red-handed at it would be kind of embarassing, even if you don't really get punished.

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