Friday, December 22, 2006

Friends and acquaintances on a bus

Sometimes I sit in a bus or some other public transportation and somebody I know comes in and sits down next to me. Usualy it's really nice to have company, sometimes I am not feeling sociable or have some interesting book I'd rather read, etc. Considering that usually I like having company and that the vast majority of people I know are not mind-readers, I certanly don't begrudge them sitting down next to me when I am not feeling sociable.

The mystery is: why do some people do that when they are not feeling sociable?

Another mystery is: why does this annoy me so much? If I am travelling with someone and they want to read or listen to music or just look out of the windows, it does not annoy me at all. But when an accidental travelling companion whom I know sits down next to me and opens a newspaper my reaction is immediately "grrr! why did you have to come sit next to me if you are gonna be reading anyway?" (No, I don't actually say it.)

Am I just weird, or are they?

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