Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On the Net nobody knows that you are a dog

Lately I've been reading some forums on immigration and writing in a few of those. They are generally populated by the people for are "against immigration" and people who are "for immigration" (the proportion varies depending on the forum) and the latter make really interesting assumptions about the former. I got to hear that I (usually I as the part of the other side, although I am not even anti-immigration, but rather anti-multiculturalism) have probably never met an immigrant, let alone known one personally, and am just afraid that they will come and seduce all our women. And am secretly a heterosexual man anyway.

I should probably be angry, but things like that just amuse me too much. The Internet is the only place where I can still get called a flat-chested bitch, and being suspected of being a horny heterosexual man who has never met a foreigner and is afraid of them is even more fun.

Nobody, however, ever outdid one of my newsgroup admirers about 12 years ago: "You sure don't sound like a typical Finn. Finns are usually quite drab, sort of like people from ex-USSR".

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