Monday, December 04, 2006

People, we have the social skills winner of the year

"Beauty isn't on the outside, it's on the inside" is a rather trite and uninformative thing to say under the best of circumstances. When people say it they either mean that in human interaction physical beauty is not the only thing that matters, which is rather self-evident anyway, or that people should totally disregard physical beauty in looking for sex partners, which is, well, highly unlikely and generally causes resentment because people usually don't like to be told how to select their partners.

In any case, this is the kind of thing that you probably should not be saying anyway. One place and time where you really, really should not be saying it is when your son is on trial for throwing acid in two people's faces. When one of the victims is saying that her life is strongly impacted by having a badly scarred face, "beauty isn't on the outside, it's on the inside" is not the right thing to say. No, no, definitely not. It pisses off the victims, the jury, Miss Manners and the bloggers in faraway Finland. It elicits a "your momma" kind of comment from the judge. Besides, considering that at least one of the vicitm was a memeber of the local drug-dealing community, it just might lead to the situation where your bowels are not on the inside, they are on the outside.

Sheesh, I still can't believe that the bitch said that.

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