Saturday, February 11, 2006

A very modest proposal

Immigration is a complicated topic, and probably deserves several different posts. I am not against immigration, or taking refugees. Some of my best - well, self - have been a refugee, and quite a lot of my family and friends.

In any case: taking refugees is by its nature an act of charity. Also, it's an act of charity that many people need but only few of them get, because, let's face it, the number of refugees that the uncivilized world produces is a lot bigger than the number of refugees that the civilized world can accept.

And now to the point: while millions of people are persecuted in the third world for no good reason, some people are in fact persecuted for very good reasons. Considering that we don't have enough space for the innocent people who are being persecuted, could we maybe leave the guilty ones out? Please?

Helping people out is nice. The fact that a certain percentage of these people turn out to cause trouble is unfortunate, and needs to be discussed and corrected to the extent to which it is possible. Taking in people who are obviously trouble to begin with is stupid and self-destructive, and should not be done. Not even if they are otherwise highly likely to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia or some other bastion of tolerance.

In short: if a person is being persecuted in Egypt, Yemen, Syria or Saudi Arabia for being a radical Islamist, chances are that he or she really is a fucking radical Islamist. These people will never fit in in any civilized country, and will just keep causing trouble. There is no reason to take them in, and a lot of reasons not to. And if the West's refusal to take them in will result in their public beheading in Saudi Arabia, good riddance.

(This post was inspired by Ahmad Abu Laban, who was declared unwanted in UAE and Egypt, moved to Denmark in 1984 and whose undying gratitude Denmark is enjoying right now, and Omar Bakri Muhammad, who got his ass kicked out of Syria and Saudi Arabia and later spent 20 years preaching hate in London on taxpayer money.)

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