Monday, September 10, 2007

The world's bravest nazis (don't do this at home, kids)

As I have mentioned several times in my blog, Carl von Clausewitz has written that declaring war on the enemy while being in the enemy camp and surrounded by overwhelming numbers of the same enemy is not a very bright idea.

Most people don't even need to read von Clausewitz to figure that out, because historically the kind of people who did not have an intuitive feeling that this was not a bright idea tended to die before leaving descendants, and in some cases also before leaving primary school.

Some of the extra-shallow side of the gene pool still exists though, and this time it surfaced in Israel.

Being a Nazi as such is not a crime in Israel, AFAIK (although Nazi propaganda on the Internet is). You can decorate yourself with swastikas and walk around the streets with your friends screaming "heil Hitler", although such approach is not likely to win you a lot of new friends or sex partners.

That, however, was not enough for these Darwin award candidates. They decided to attack the Jews, the Asian immigrants, the gays, the drug addicts and the homeless. Being differently intelligent, they also filmed their attacks.

Well, in the city of Petah Tikva the Jews et al. outnumbered our brave homeopathic warriors approximately 20000 to 1, with predictable results. The police arrested them and found the videos and the explosives that one of the gang members kept.

Now Israel is discussing whether it is possible to revoke the gang member's citizenships and send them back to whatever parts of ex-USSR they came from. I heard there are places in Siberia without a single Jew within 100-km radius.

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