Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swastika here, swastika there, swastikas everywhere!

I generally appreciate Anti-Defamation League's good work in documenting anti-semitic incidents.

That said, who the fuck has introduced those morons to Google Earth? Now instead of documenting actual incidents of anti-semitic vandalism and harassment they spend all their workdays playing with Google Earth and looking for swastikas.

The latest swastika discovered was the shape of Navy barracks near San Diego.

This might come as a shock to the ADL, but people have been using the swastika symbol for a long, long time before Hitler, and some are using it still. I seriously hope the ADL is not planning any group trips to Japan. All those tourist maps with Buddhist temples marked by swastikas would make them piss boiling water and have heart attacks.

Hmm, that's an idea: if the antisemites of the world want to reduce the ADL numbers, they should buy them all trips to Japan, with a tour of many temples. The more impressionable ones would croak for sure. (Antisemites of the world: if you decide to do that, tell me in advance so I can join ADL and tag along. I am not promising to get a heart attack upon seeing a swastika, but hey, you never know.)

Seriously, though: swastikas are very objectionable when vandals paint them on synagogues and cemeteries, but when you see them in the shapes of the buildings on Google Earth, it's usually because the good view from the air is not exactly the first or even the fifteenth priority of the architects. Try to live with it, as opposed to, say, having the Navy spend $600000 of taxpayer money to make up for the fact that the people who built the place in 1967 failed to predict the popularity of Google Earth.

Navy: please try to grow some balls and don't cave in to ADL, but if you definitely feel like you need to show that no offense was meant, can't you just buy a bucket of paint in a hardware store and send a sailor on the roof to write on it in big friendly letters "no offense meant"? Sheesh...

The modern antisemites tend to use a crescent moon symbol more often than a swastika symbol. Good thing that the ADL hasn't quite caught on to that trend - I'd hate to think what we'd have to cover if they had.

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