Friday, September 07, 2007

Barf (The Bourne Idiocy)

Just saw the Bourne Ultimatum. That's two hours and a movie ticket I am never getting back, and that is the most nauseatingly disgusting piece of camera work I have ever seen.

There ought to be a fucking law against making a whole full-length movie with nauseating jerky camera movements and more often than not blurred picture. Or, failing that, at least a law that would make movie advertisers say "the director was an idiot and the cameraman was very drunk and we really recommend that anyone who might get nauseous avoid watching this movie".

These would be the movies that I would totally boycott, but unfortunately this is the one thing about a movie you never know until you start watching.

The last time I blogged about it people told me that the jerky camera movements are meant to give us a feeling of being there, and of real TV news. Sure thing. That's why the real TV news with jerky movements are a) a few seconds long and b) never watched on a big screen. And what is the blurring supposed to do - give us the feeling of watching one of those stupid ads before the movie?

As it is, the whole thing mostly just gave me the feeling of "give me a plastic bag, now", and I spent half of it with my eyes closed lest I have to use the plastic bag. Didn't go home though, because since I already paid and was there I wanted at least to hear what will happen.

I wish the director of photography had some contact info, so I could write him and tell him that his camera work is most appropriate for the radio.

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