Friday, September 07, 2007

The Party of Peace

An Islamic party has been founded in Finland.

In order to get into the party register they will need 5000 signatures. let's see if they get them.

They are planning to run in next year's municipal election.

Their leader, Abdullah Tammi, says that their goal is to spread healthy living and Islamic lifestyle. They would like to ban alcohol from stores and kiosks, and make sure that Muslim children in schools don't have to participate in music or swimming lessons. They would also like to make halal slauthering and boys' circumcision legal (currently the circumcision's status is somewhat unclear - it has been tolerated for more than a hundred years but not exactly technically legal - and halal and kosher slaughtering is legal only in slaughterhouses and only when the animal is stunned simultaneously with slashing its throat).

To the question of whether the party would like to install the Sharia law in Finland in the long run, Tammi answered that it would be great. He said that the idea of the Sharia law is to prevent crime. Like, for example, homosexuality or apostasy?

HS did not ask Tammi whether he'd like to ban women from marrying without the consent of their guardians and divorcing without the consent of their husbands; stone adulterers; institute a court system where a woman's word is worth half that of a man, etc. Nor did they need to. Tammi has already answered all that when he said that Sharia law would be great.

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