Monday, September 10, 2007

Fake rapists and real morons

With all the recent conversation about gang rape committed by representatives of various less woman-friendly cultures I started wondering about the following thing:

In Russia when I was young men sometimes staged mock attacks on women "just for fun". It wasn't an everyday occurrence, but it wasn't extremely rare, either. A group of men (usually rather young and stupid ones, of course) would just start screaming, threatening and chasing some random woman, without any real intent to rape or injure her, just to see her scream and run for her life.

No, don't ask me what's the fun, because I don't know either. Especially since this activity seemed to have a rather high injury rate for people engaging in it, since its targets naturally tended to interpret it as a real attack and apply deadly force as needed. I've known four people who have engaged in said activity at one point or another; I've asked them "why" and the answers ranged between "I was drunk" and "I was stupid".

And the question is: is this done anywhere outside of Russia? Or, for this matter, is this done in Russia anymore? The only time I've ever seen or heard it done anywhere outside of Russia was once in Boston, by three very recent Russian immigrants, who got rather close to earning Darwin awards in the process.

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