Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mel Gibson revisited, or "take me to your leaders"

Mel Gibson asked to meet with Jewish leaders to ask for forgiveness for his antisemitic remarks and to ask them to help with healing. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't detox programs a much better place for healing than Jewish community centers? Unless you think that giving him a glass of Manischewitz will scare him off alcohol forever.

An apology was in order (and was offered) but now all this kowtowing is getting ridiculous. If I could draw I would draw a cartoon where in the first part drunk Gibson would be screaming "Jews made me drive drunk! Jews cause all wars! Jews own Hollywood!" and in the second part hungover Gibson would be horrified with the realization "oh shit, they really do own Hollywood!".

Besides, there really aren't any antisemitic insults that every Jew on earth hasn't heard by the third grade.

I don't think he needs to apologize in person to the Jewish community leaders, but now that he is apologizing to people in person I would like to know whether he has apologized to the Jew he insulted the most - the deputy sheriff who arrested him.

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