Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't buy from Mizzbrazil

If any of my readers have any experience with getting UK businesses in trouble, please advise me on the best way to do it. If not, I'll go with PayPal at first.

I ordered a DVD from Mizzbrazil on 06.07. The order is still marked as "processing" on their webpage, even though they claim that if processing takes more than 7 days they will contact the customer. I tried to find out how long the processing is going to take. None of my emails were ever answered, and their phone does not work in principle.

I would much rather have the DVD than the money back, and therefore have not demanded money back yet. I'll do that tomorrow, and if I don't receive it by the end of next week I'll start getting it back through PayPal.

Usually when I buy something from a new place of the web, I first do, among other things, a search on the company name and the word fraud and see if any of the results yield some description of an actual problem. There wasn't any. Well, I guess there is now.

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