Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the news

I have long known that in some South Asian countries some citizens try to settle various personal disputes with the help of sulphuric acid, but this is the first time I have heard that an ex-employer has done it to an ex-employee for refusing to rejoin the company. Ewww. Hope this manner of recruiting does not spread in the field.

This Employer of the Year got a life sentence for this recruiting effort. The story does not mention how many new resumes his company got after that.

In other news of the desperate recruiting measures, the Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza two weeks ago were released, but first were made to convert to Islam at a gunpoint on videotape. The group who did it calls ifself Holy Jihad Brigades (which is totally not the same as Jihad's Holy Brigades, Holy Brigades of Jihad or Holy Jihadist Brigades) and is apparently very short of new members.

And, for once, there is some intelligent life in the federal government: federal air marshals are now allowed to choose their own clothes, as opposed to wearing all similar suits in the manner of the Secret Service people from The Roman Holiday.

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