Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The election

The Senate and House elections are coming soon. Today I figured I should finally figure out who is running in my congressional district (Massachusetts 4th, if anyone is interested).

The House race is warming my heart with childhood memories: we have only one candidate, like we used to in Russia. Barney Frank (D) is so popular that nobody wants to run against him, he usually gets 70-something percent of the vote. OTOH he represents the opinions of the district, often including mine, quite well.

The Senate: Edward Kennedy (D), the classic Social Democrat, probably personally responsible for paying most of the alcohol taxes collected in Massachusetts. Supports everything that Republicans oppose, by definition. What can you say about the man who lost most primaries to Jimmy Carter? Kevin Scott (R): believes in abstinence and prayer in school. Kenneth Chase (R): the perfect moderate.

Slim pickings. Gotta think more about it closer to election. Also gotta get an absentee ballot, which is not always easy.

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