Monday, August 21, 2006

Life, weekend, MSG, etc.

A lot of work to do at work lately, hence not so many blog entries.

Sleepy weekend: had a couple of beers with a few people, hanged out with Anu yesterday.

Been to a large pro-Israel demonstration with Id, who summonned me there. About 2500 people (according to Hesari), lots and lots of police (never seen that many in one place in Helsinki). No incidents. We came late so did not get any flags to wave. As usual when participating in a large demonstration, felt a bit guilty about blocking the traffic.

Lately I've heard a number of people complaining about MSG (monosodium glutamate, natriumglutamaatti) being used in a lot of restaurant food. This made me wonder. is there anyone in Finland besides myself who actually uses MSG when cooking at home?

Saw United 93, and liked it well enough. One thing I sort of don't understand on the emotional level: what makes people want to call their loved ones when faced with an imminent or highly likely death. I mean calling to say goodbye - calls meant to obtain or convey information are quite understandable. I've never been in such a situaton but find it hard to imagine that I'd want to call family and friends to say goodbye. Emotionally I'd find it upsetting, and the information value of such a call would be exactly nil. My family and friends hopefully know that I love them already, and also know that any kind of mercy on the guilty party, if caught, would not be among my dying wishes.

Started reading Confusion and found it much better than Quicksilver, which in itself was not bad either.

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