Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Young Pioneers meet un-Easter Bunny

Palestinians' democratically elected terrorist organization Hamas has apparently got tired of being known only for blowing up Jews, shooting Fatah members and saying "our proud people will never listen to any demands from the West, but please give generously". Now they decided to produce TV shows for children, too.

The series is called Pioneers of Tomorrow and features Assud the Bunny, who promises to eat the Jews up. Now he wants to eat some Danes, too, while simultaneously boycotting Danish food.

Sheesh. Is it properly Islamic to have a character that so suspiciously resembles the Easter Bunny? Can't they have a more Islamic animal? (I wonder what a proper Islamic animal would be, though. A camel?) And what's with the name? Pioneers of Tomorrow, for fuck's sake! Doesn't Hamas have any sense of style? Do they have to sound like Soviet Union in the seventies? Wouldn't Martyrs of tomorrow fit their style better?

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