Monday, February 25, 2008

Life and Cuban democracy

Haven't written for a few days now: had a lot to do at work, a rather intense social life, and was generally tired.

The intense social life included, among other cool things, a game session (finally! finally! it's been centuries since the last one!) where my character engaged in animal abuse and long for the quiet and peaceful life she used to have as an assassin, and a party with those thick pancakes that Finns call blinis and believe to be Russian, but I have never seen in Russia. They are a great invention though, and the party was great. I should ask for the recipe. Except that I am not eating anything ever again. Or drinking.

In the meanwhile Fidel Castro retired. His brother Raul was elected as the new president by the National Assembly of People's Power, the Cuban parliament. He got 100% of the vote. The Cuban democracy is working as usual.

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